Review Nio

Published on 20 March 2021 at 20:54

When I saw on Facebook that they were looking for testers for new toys, I thought why don't we sign up. I have a 2 year old border collie with an incredible amount of strength. And to our great surprise we were selected. We waited impatiently for the delivery of the toys. This one was fast and correct.

At first we were a bit skeptical because we had already bought dozens of toys from various brands, but these never lasted long. Most survivors fail the first workout. Some of them broke after 5 minutes. To our great surprise, these toys survived the first training. When we took the toys out of the box, we immediately noticed how strong the elastic inside was. Now about 10 training sessions later, the toys are really as new.

I will really recommend these toys to everyone. There is a huge choice to really suit everyone. The price you would pay for it is also not much. Top quality at a low price. Just awesome