Review Ritz

Published on 20 March 2021 at 21:50

A while ago Agilitoy went looking for the strongest and best materials on the market to make tugtoys for demolition workers. :) My strong Ritz (a Kelpie male who flies with his 23 kilos full in his tugtoys and does not unload) was allowed to test them for Agilitoy. Our expectation was that the toys would probably, like other major brands that have passed here, crack after a few training sessions at the bite part or the stretchers would jump or provide no support when tugging. I passed on the positive points and negative points with all the toys that Ritz ever broke down and Agilitoy started working on that. She soon sent us 3 tugtoys.

We are now quite some time further and yes, all our toys are still alive. The bungee have not yet sprung and there are no bite holes or cracks in the bite zones yet. As a guide, I like the extra sturdy bungee the best. It just doesn't stretch completely when Ritz comes flying into the toy and so you don't get that shock together because the bungee has come to an end. My wrists and shoulders are so happy with this, but more important is certainly Ritz's joints and muscles that do not have to absorb that shock every time! The bungee remains sturdy and does not break through. Finally, a tugtoy will last a long time instead of 2 training sessions.


Ritz and I are fans!


Greetings, Ritz and Mien.