About us

We craft dog toys that motivate your dog to the max! Our toys are handcrafted in the EU and are designed to last as long as possible.

Agilitoy: maximum motivation and durability

What do you expect from a motivation toy or tug toy for your dog? Surely first and foremost that it motivates your dog during play or training, but also that you can play with it safely. We therefore design and manufacture strong and durable motivation toys:

  • That can be tugged with full force
  • That can maximally withstand strong biting forces and sharp teeth
  • That relieve the body of the dog (and owner) as much as possible
  • That can be handled safely and comfortably


Want to know how we got to this point? This is our story!

How it all started

Agilitoy founder Laura Knol - herself active in the world of dog agility - found that the available motivation toys regularly fell apart after only a few uses, although she had expected otherwise based on the price. This was certainly the case when these toys were used by a dog with a strong bite and/or sharp teeth: parts soon came loose and the leash or elastic band was snapped. Not very durable and a waste to buy a new toy every time!

Because Laura was skilled with a sewing machine, she made some toys herself to make them last as long as possible. These toys were used for her agility training but within the agility world they did not go unnoticed: when an agility competition was organised and prizes were needed, Laura was asked if she could make some toys for it. The first agility toys of Agilitoy were a fact!

Out of the bedroom

Both the winners and the dogs were immediately enthusiastic about the Agilitoy toys and Laura was asked to make more and more toys. Gradually, more and more students, dog trainers, dog schools and (online) retailers found Laura and the sewing machine moved from the bedroom to the landing, and then from the landing to the barn. By now it had become a full day's work making toys.

We keep growing

In order to meet the increasing demand from dog schools and (online) retailers, the decision was made to professionalize Agilitoy by the end of 2021. Jeroen Happel took over the management of the company and together with Laura, a professional sewing workshop was engaged: here, the Agilitoy toys are crafted on a daily basis by people with a distance to the labour market.

Nowadays, we also have the strap material (with which we make the leash of the toy) produced specially for us. This is because we have high quality requirements with regard to the durability of our toys: in this way, we can provide you with a toy that can be pulled with full force and that is therefore optimally resistant to the force of biting and sharp teeth!

What we care about

At Agilitoy, we take social responsibility and sustainability just as seriously as we do the ambition to provide durable dog toys that motivate your dog to the max! Therefore, we adhere to the following principles:

  • We believe in equal opportunities for all and are happy to contribute to an inclusive labour market. Therefore, our toys are handcrafted by people who need extra support to integrate into the European labour market, and who manufacture each Agilitoy with love.

  • We want to limit our ecological footprint, so we design our toys to last as long as possible, use sustainable materials as much as possible and use recycled packaging. We also avoid transport over long distances: we buy our fabrics and materials as much as possible from suppliers with nearby (European) production facilities.

  • We find animal welfare important, therefore the skins we use for our toys do not come from animals that have been bred for their skins. We only work with residual products. We source our animal skins from suppliers from the following countries: Netherlands, England, Sweden, Norway, Germany.

Want to know more?

We produce dog training toys that motivate your dog to the max! Our toys are handcrafted in the EU and designed to last.