About us

We produce dog training toys that motivate your dog to the max! Our toys are handcrafted in the EU and designed to last. At Agilitoy, we take social responsibility and sustainability as seriously as the ambition to provide durable dog training toys that motivate your dog to the max:

    • We believe in equal opportunities for everyone and want to contribute to an inclusive labor market. Our training toys are therefore handcrafted by people who need extra support in integrating into the European labor market, and who care for each Agilitoy with love.
    • We strive to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible, so we design our training toys to last as long as possible, use sustainable materials as much as possible and use recycled packaging. We also avoid transport over long distances: we purchase our fabrics and materials from suppliers with nearby (European) production facilities.
    • Because we are animal lovers - like you - it is important to us that the skins we work with do not come from animals that have been bred for this purpose. Therefore, we only work with residual products. We source our animal skins from suppliers from the following countries: Netherlands, England, Sweden, Norway, Germany.

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