Amazing toys for you and your dog!

Handmade tugtoys for playtime between dog and handler.



''We have the toys for a long while, and there still all as new. Finally a toys lasts longer than only 2 times training. Ritz and I are fan!''





'' Now about 10 training sessions later, the toys are as new. I will recommend these toys to everyone. There is a huge choice to suit everyone. The price you would pay for it is really low, top quality for a low price. Just awesome.''



Agilitoy: maximum motivation and durability

What do you expect from a motivation toy or tug toy for your dog? Surely first and foremost that it motivates your dog during play or training, but also that you can play with it safely. We therefore design and manufacture strong and durable motivation toys:

  • That can be tugged with full force
  • That can maximally withstand strong biting forces and sharp teeth
  • That relieve the body of the dog (and owner) as much as possible
  • That can be handled safely and comfortably

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See our tug toys in action: