Review - Fientje

Published on 18 March 2021 at 21:52

Hurray, we got to test two tug toys from Agilitoy! And whether we tested, because Fientje is such a poodle lady who really does not just settle for all toys. The fun already started when the package arrived, which of course she had to open herself. We received the "Sheepado" and the "Tugado", both ideal toys for smaller sized sports dogs, thanks in part to the longer handle that allows you to use them as a hunting toy in addition to a pull toy.


This was and is really Fientje's favorite. In fact, I had to put it away during training because she had too much eye for the toy, while she is really mega focused on the agility equipment. The Sheepado has an unlined handle, but this doesn't make it any less user-friendly. The sheepskin is nice and soft and goes back into shape after playing, so you keep a nice, full toy. The toy is quite big, but because it is so fluffy, Fientje really liked it to lug on and chase it.


The Tugado was also very popular with Fientje, but was also very welcome at home by Luna, my retired agility dog. This tug toy has a faux fur which is less hairy and therefore ideal for dogs that do not like to hold something big / furry in their mouth. With this toy, the handle is lined and completely in the style of the toy itself, in our case unicorn. Of course, that is of no use to the dog, but this piece of extra design is nice for the handler.